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Strategic Partnership Workshop at Tsinghua University: Modern Combustion Engines

The joint collaboration between Tsinghua University and RWTH-Aachen kicked off with an introduction of the establishment and development of the strong ties between the two universities and their automotive engineering departments by Tsinghua’s automotive engineering  professor Junzhi Zhang  (top photo). Next, Daniel Neuman from VKA of RWTH-Aachen university gave an overview of the workshop goals and events of next generation cutting edge automotive technologies (bottom photo). Finally, the ten Chinese and German participating students from Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen university introduced themselves. Tsinghua’s student Hui Liu passionately gives his self-introduction to the group as seen in the middle photo.

Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen workshop participants were divided into groups to discuss their insights on and predictions of the future automotive market development trends and subsequently present their results to each other.

German students from RWTH-Aachen University visit the various automotive labs of Tsinghua’s State Key Laboratory, where respective student researchers introduce their work and research areas.

Students from Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen had the lucky opportunity to visit Audi China R&D Center in Beijing and learn about the culture and career opportunities of the German car manufacturer.

Students from Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen intently listen to the informative presentation given by the human resource manager of Audi China.

Students from Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen tour the facility of Audi China in Beijing and receive a snapshot of its reputable products.

The highly anticipated 2016 6th annual Aachen Colloquium China was held at the Kempinski Hotel Lufthansa Center in Beijing, where world renonwed companies and researchers presented cutting-edge automotive technologies related to engines, powertrains, batteries, and autonomous driving. Tsinghua and RWTH-Aachen students had the amazing opportunity to attend this event and broaden their horizons about automobiles.