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Recruitment of Domestic and Overseas High-level Talents by Department of Automotive Engineering

The Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University invites domestic and overseas outstanding talents to join! As a number of key scientific research teams are expecting to take in new blood, we welcome the joining of scholars who have interdisciplinary background in automotive engineering, power machinery and engineering and transportation engineering and aspire to be engaged in teaching and scientific research work in automotive, transportation, energy and other relevant fields.

According to our discipline development planning, we are seeking applicants in the following fields:

Energy conservation and new energy vehicle (2-3 positions):

Vehicle fuel cell and energy storage cell technology, hybrid vehicle

Intelligent vehicles (IV) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) (3-4 positions):

Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, data mining, cloud computing, connected Vehicles, and their applications on IV & ITS

Advanced engine and turbo power systems (1-2 positions):

Engine heat transfer, engine structure mechanics

Vehicle dynamics and control (1 position):

Active suspension research and development

Vehicle design and vehicle safety (1-2 positions):

Vehicle styling design, vehicle structure design and optimization

Automotive industry system engineering (1 positions):

Automotive industry and technology strategy (candidates shall have professional background in automotive disciplines or have conducted professional research in management and economic disciplines primarily in the auto industry)


Top talents

We welcome international award winners, academicians of science or engineering academies in various countries, internationally renowned scholars holding positions in world first-rate colleges and universities and scientific research institutions or other top-notch talents to join us on a full-time or short-term basis.

Tenured professor faculty will be provided with internationally competitive annual salary and scientific research start-up funds (negotiable based on actual needs) and guaranteed of preferential policies and conditions for housing and children’s education.

Distinguished talents

We welcome professors and associate professors at well-known colleges and universities abroad or high-level talents holding equivalent positions in famous domestic and overseas research institutions.

Tenured professor or tenured associate professor faculty will be provided with competitive, scientific research start-up funds and subsidies as needed. Children’s education at Tsinghua affiliated schools and relocations apartments will be guaranteed. The appointees who have joined Tsinghua for 6 years may apply to purchase the university housing at cost price according to policies.

Young talents

We welcome outstanding young talents who are not more than 40 years old, have over 3 years overseas scientific research experience (requirements may be loosened for excellent talents), achieved major research outcomes or have the potential to become academic leaders, and intend to apply to the Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan, the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, Changjiang Young Scholars Program or the National Young Talent Support Program.

Teaching and research faculty will be provided with competitive structural annual salary (school + department + scientific research performance), scientific research start-up funds and subsidies. Children’s education at Tsinghua affiliated schools and relocation apartment will be provided. The appointees who have been selected into the Thousand Youth Talents Plan and have become tenured faculty after joining Tsinghua for 6 years may apply to purchase the university housing at cost price according to policies.


Contact us

Prof. Yang Diange: ydg@tsinghua.edu.cn

Prof. Shuai Shijin: sjshuai@tsinghua.edu.cn

HR office of DAE: qcxrs@tsinghua.edu.cn