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Dean's Message


Yang Diange
Professor and Dean of DAE

The automotive engineering discipline of Tsinghua University was established in 1932, initially within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It was the oldest automotive engineering discipline ever established in China. The Department of Automotive Engineering (DAE) of Tsinghua University was founded in 1980 as an independent department. Over the past three decades, the department has become one of the top places in China for educating and training talents and developing technologies in the automotive engineering area.
We have long been assuming our obligation to impart knowledge and educate people by sticking to the educational principles of combining theory with practice, engineering with science, and technology with management, by featuring training practice-oriented research talents with a global perspective and by actively promoting teaching reform and constantly improving the educational environment. Adhering to the school motto of ‘Self-discipline and Social Commitment’, generations of the graduates from the automotive major of Tsinghua University have thrown themselves into key enterprises and scientific research institutes of the automotive industry, striving hard and contributing their wisdom for industrial development and technological progress of China.
In scientific and technological research, we focus on automotive safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. We have accomplished many achievements in automotive safety and vehicle structural design, vehicle dynamics and electronic control, vehicle vibration and noise control, electronic control of automotive engine, new power system and electric vehicle, automotive engine combustion and emissions control, etc. In the recent years, we have also extended our research to the fields of national aerospace and defense industry.
I do believe that with the joint efforts of our faculty and students, with the care and support of our alumni at domestic and abroad and people of all circles, the DAE is bound to have a better development and make a greater contribution to the higher education in automotive engineering and the development of Chinese, as well as the global automotive industry.