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      The Department of Automotive Engineering (DAE) has carried out various activities for students by establishing ‘the second classes’. It has enriched students’ after-class life, cultivated students’ interest in the arts and sports, and improved students’ comprehensive abilities. Reasonably, it has created a positive and enterprising atmosphere.

       DAE has won ‘the Challenge Cup’ award of Tsinghua University (THU) for years, 3 championships and 1 runner-up in the recent 5 years. We have held the THU contest of automotive knowledge and contest of automotive styling design every year. Furthermore, we have founded THU Students’ Association of Automotive Enthusiasts, which is the first one among the nationwide collages in automotive science and technology. It has been made lots of achievements: designing the first solar racing car in China; acquiring the special award for many times in National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Contest, National College Students Intelligent Vehicle Contest, and Automotive Creative Design Contest. Besides, we have built a series of astonishing teams such as ‘Team of Intelligent Car’, ‘Chinese Redbud Energy Saving Team’ and ‘Formula Car Team’, which has attracted active participants all across the university. 

      The evening party series of ‘Carnival Night of DAE’ student festival hosted by us has enjoyed reputation both inside and outside the campus, producing numerous classic programs. The freshmen have won the competition of ‘In Memory of 12.9 Movement’ chorus for four times in the recent five years, with their artistic level highly praised.

       DAE has kept holding 6 department sports games. In return, we have always got good news: 4 championships and 3 runner-ups in the recent 8 years’ Ma Yuehan Cup and many trophies from other games. A positive image of the students in our department has been created and demonstrated on the playground.

       Various social practices have enhanced the students’ sense of social responsibility. Adhering to the traditional spirit of ‘keeping the thoughts always refreshed’, we have built the first domestic college student pioneer website - ‘Fanso’ and the first of the top10 websites on college students’ ideological cultivation - ‘Red Website’.

       Colorful and various activities of DAE have provided a stage for students to display their talents. More and more students have been participating in these activities, and they have developed their potential, challenged themselves, feel passion and touch dreams in the activeties.