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       DAE persists in student-oriented education. To meet the great demand of automobile industry and deal with the social problems caused by automobiles, we strive to improve the educational environment and promote teaching reform, offer the high-quality courses and create a good academic atmosphere to train talents for automobile industry. In the recent years, we have published a series of materials and monographs. Two of them earned the honor of ‘Beijing High-level Educational Material’. Moreover, the subject of ‘Automotive Theory’ was evaluated as a National High Quality Course and the other 5 courses were evaluated as the University High Quality Course. In practical training, we built 3 teaching laboratories (National Mechanical-Engineering-Experiment Teaching and Demonstration Central Laboratory), more than 10 teaching and researching laboratories, and some practice bases for automotive & machinery manufacturing internship, automotive structure system analysis internship, the engineering art quality teaching, and students’ technological activities. We also have established a multi-level and multi-faceted system of practice education.
      In order to reward the excellent students, the department has set up a variety of scholarships, such as ‘Meng Shaonong Scholarship’. There are about 55% undergraduates and 30% graduates winning one or two scholarships each year. Since 1996, 5 brilliant students of DAE have obtained the Tsinghua University’s Top Award (Only 5 undergraduates will have this honor each year in the whole university). To all the poverty stricken students, DAE offers them hardship grant, helps them find part-time jobs at college, or helps them apply for state loans, which could make the students completely devote to their study.