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Program Objectives

     The Department of Automotive Engineering offers an undergraduate program – automotive engineering - that covers 3 specialties: automotive chassis, automotive engine, and automotive model & styling design. Automotive engineering was selected as a characteristic specialty for development in national colleges and universities in 2008, and was selected as a characteristic specialty for development in Beijing municipal colleges and universities in 2009. There are 472 students in school, with 90 students to be enrolled each year. Since 2004, the Department started to enroll students pre-assigned to China North Industries Group Corporation.
     The Department holds to the educational philosophy of “combining theory with practice, engineering with science, technology with management” to improve the practice-oriented training system. Extracurricular scientific and technological activities are held, forming a second classroom, through which students are trained to master solid and comprehensive knowledge of engineering and technology, develop a strong ability of practice and a spirit of innovation, and become competent to undertake scientific research, technological development, teaching and management related to automotive engineering.