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The State Key Laboratory

The State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy (ASE), attaching to Tsinghua University, is one of the 75 state key laboratories founded by Chinese government with a loan from the World-Bank.

ASE was approved in 1989, and formally opened up in 1995 after passing the governmental certification. Focusing on the theme of “Safety, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Protection” and aiming at the demands of the development of our national economy, the research of ASE has targeted the global frontiers and the national development goals. ASE has pitched itself into the common key basic technology, the basic interdisciplinary theory, and the macroscopic development of the automotive field. ASE has devoted itself to the research and development related to green and intelligent ecotype automobiles. The competitive research areas with distinct characteristics have been formed.

Following the policy of being “Open, Mobile, Cooperative, and Competitive”, ASE has already supported a large group of domestic and overseas excellent researchers and scholars to conduct prospective fundamental researches. Meanwhile, ASE is actively developing and maintaining extensive and deep academic communication and cooperation with globally famous universities, research institutes, and automobile manufacturers. ASE has formed a scientific research base reaching domestically advanced level and partially reaching internationally advanced level, playing the role of foundational platform for national public researches in the interregional and interdisciplinary innovative activities.

ASE has successively passed the state key laboratory evaluations organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1997, 2003, 2008 and 2013, respectively.